Thursday, October 3, 2013

What I Did This Summer

 photo summercollage1_zps18deed6d.png

Hello, readers!  My five month absence from this blog is for good reason - I promise you!  I got a new job, one that is allowing me to venture across the country.  Trying to learn the rhythm of my new workplace, planning for travel, and taking on projects has consumed most of my time.  I have missed writing here, and have vowed to not abandon you any longer!

My summer was been packed!  I want to do my best to fill you in on everything that's been going on.  Allow me the chance to break it down...

The New Job

Back in May (shortly after my last post here), I had a job interview that seemed too good to be true.  It was for a company offering me a position to travel and attend conventions FOR A LIVING.   Since my decision for a career/degree change came to light, I had been covertly searching for another job which would allow me to alter some variables in my life.  If I were to get this job, I could successfully push myself forward, save a little money, and go back to school on my terms.  The two interviews were successful, and now I'm well immersed into what could only be described as my dream job.  A few weeks in, I was already making travel plans.  That's how I ended up in...

 photo summercollage2_zps4cc83aa2.png

(From left to right:  Me modelling a few of the outfits I thought were Miami material - get them here, my convention badge, floral shirts and bright capris, comfy leggings and moccasins for setting up our show, and lovely parks in the Miami sunset)

My first work trip happened to be complete with palm trees, sunshine, and beaches.  Getting the first taste of the traveling life was anything but bitter.  Yes, I had to work for the majority of the day, but the nights were wide open and I was able to take my time in the morning to eat breakfast by the water.  Miami was a singularly wonderful introduction to my new job.  It set the tone for adventures to come.

Summer Style

August was a month of relaxation and planning for the coming months.  I became somewhat addicted to statement jewelry - namely bracelet stacking.

 photo braceletcollage_zps11de7ee2.png

Another trend I became strangely attached to were flower crowns.  I know you've seen them everywhere this summer, and I gave into the trend.  After an unfortunate accident where the kitties had a little too much fun with momma's accessories, I wound up the proud owner of more than one.  This didn't help my growing obsession.  I loved the look so much, that I'm currently trying to re-work the look for fall use!  When I have something definitively styled, I will be sure to (as always) post it here.

Before all the traveling chaos, there were, of course, summer events that required summer attire when attending.  Such occasions called for bright colors, fun accessories, and a bit of "hippie chic" styling.  The outfit below is an excellent example...
 photo outfitcollage1_zps98187b80.png
Original look:  Dress, Forever 21: $15 // Necklace, Ruche Clothing: Gift 
Tank, Forever 21: $3 // Headband, H&M: $4 // Earrings, H&M: $6 
Belt, Forever 21: $5 // Shoes, Thrifted: $5

For a similar look:  Dress // Necklace // Earrings // Headband // Shoes

Atlanta, Here We Come...

 photo Dragonconlogo_zps7055d6c4.png
I had been planning on attending Dragon*Con in Atlanta with one of my best friends for over a year.  So, in late August, we headed out on a road trip for a week of geekery and a meeting of old friends.  It was a needed break from the hectic new job I'd undertaken. 

Dragon*Con was attended by a MASSIVE amount of people, and finding our way into the city was not met without problems.  Though I have a lot of great memories of spending time in possibly the largest hotel suite I've ever set foot into with eight other people, I'm not sure if I'd want to go back to Atlanta for the con next year if it wasn't work related.  Oh well.  I may change my mind.

Good Morning, Baltimore!

With three days of returning from my vacation, I had to jump right back into working.  The boyfriend and I were headed to Baltimore for their Comic Con - held there every September.  We haven't done a lot of conventions out on the East Coast, and the turn-out was impressive to say the least.  Apparently, the con has gotten so big that they are adding an extra day for attendance and expanding the venue for next year!

While we were there, I got to enjoy quaint pubs that were situated in old houses, long walks to spot historical buildings, and staying in a hip, modern hotel with an old, rich history.  It was a breath of fresh air after the week before in Atlanta.

As I said before, I promise no more long absences from the site!  Now that I've settled into a rhythm with my new job, I can sort out posting and getting out my latest fashion inspirations to all of you.

I thank many of you for connecting with me on various social media platforms over the last few months.  Sometimes when I'm on these trips, it's the only way I can get the muse flowing and out to the world!

Look for fall transition posts and a piece on New York Comic Con here in the next coming weeks!

Until next time,

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Inspired by...
Iron Man 3
Tony Stark

I've been on this geek chic kick lately of covertly going to work dressed up (or inspired by) my favorite TV/movie characters.  It all started with my Annie Edison outfit (which I shamelessly did not post here), and I'm not about to stop this trend.  

It's no secret that Iron Man 3 was released this weekend.  As with many of my favorite movie franchises, I thought it exciting to attend the midnight premiere - or 11:30 p.m. "premiere" on Thursday night.  I bragged a bit during the week beforehand that I would be sporting a Tony Stark-esque outfit on the day of the movie's release.  The outfit is a bit of a mix between what I thought "Antonia" Stark might sport and the colors of the Iron Man costume itself...
 photo SAM_0360_zpsfc922428.jpg

 photo SAM_0355_zpsc2a76ca9.jpg

 photo SAM_0352_zps9d5e9197.jpg

Aviators - Clares; $2 // Earrings - Thrifted; $1 // Necklace - Target; $4  
Mixed media vest - Forever 21; $17 // Top - Old Navy; Gift 
Skirt - Thrifted. $5 // Bracelet sets - Forever 21; $3 and $5
Shoes - Thrifted; $5

Red and gold were the necessary bases for this look.  The red high-waisted skirt allowed for the lipstick and red accessories to stand out (more on this below).  Coupled with a black top and mixed media vest, it has an elegant hardware feel.  The gold shoes and matching statement necklace are the cherry on top.  Aviators were added for the necessary Tony Stark tie-in.  He rarely goes anywhere without them.

As for accessories, I couldn't leave the house without putting on my trusty Mark VII fragrance.  

 photo SAM_0349_zpsa2f65a8a.jpg

Add mixed media and metallic bangles, red and gold vintage earrings to bring out the other elsewhere in the outfit, and the effect is complete!

 photo SAM_0343_zps8797e82b.jpg

I made sure to wear red lipstick for the extra "pop", a bit of sparkly gold liquid eyeliner, and was accidentally sporting an Iron Patriot-eque manicure (easily done with a blue based nail polish and silver crackle top coat).
 photo image_zps318e4896.jpeg

Happy viewing/dressing!

Until next time!

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

So you want to dress like...
Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan on Vogue

As May 10th looms nearer, Art Deco dreams are taking over my headspace.  I have many ideas for the upcoming surge of inevitably Twenties inspired looks sure to circulate on the web with the release of The Great Gatsby.

This week, Vogue hit newsstands with Carey Mulligan on the cover - giving those in the fashion world a taste of the costumed opulence to come.

How can the every day fashionista be her own Daisy Buchanan?  Well, Tiffany and Co. has decided to release a Gatsby inspired jewelry line.  I suppose that's one method.  What about the girl who's watching her wallet?  Today's post gives you a spring look that echoes Mulligan's elegant outfit.

 photo cmvogue_zps423d8942.jpeg

Stay tuned for more Gatsby themed looks in the coming weeks...

Until next time!

~ they seek her there

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Trend Tip:
Spring '13 - For "Her" and "Him"

This post marks a "first" for this blog - a hers and his post complete with male presence!  My participant would like to make it clear that I did not style him; he is fashion savvy all on his own.

I'm writing this to illicit feelings of Spring - even though most of the country seems to be stuck in post-Winter funk.  I decided that the gray clouds are not going to keep me from rocking some of the irresistible Spring trends I'm seeing throughout the fashion world.  

For her, florals (as usual) are in.  Below, I model one from Target.  Originally $25 in store and online, I managed to score my piece at a local store for only $7.48!   Online, it's being listed as $17.  Still not a bad deal, and the piece is incredibly versatile with pops of gold, light yellow, mint green, navy, cobalt, and red.  There are so many tops you can pair this blazer with!

As for the top underneath, this is a crocheted piece I picked up from a local thrift store a few years ago.  It's a versatile piece - able to be paired with outfits for Fall, Winter, and Spring!  Lace/open knits also happen to be on trend for Spring of 2013.  Layered underneath the floral blazer, I have a winning look.

To finish it off, I've decided to don red jeans (colored pants are always a good choice nowadays) and a neutral, brown boot.  My accessories are simple - thin, red headband, a set of three mixed metallic bracelets, pearl earrings, and a gold locket.  

 photo SAM_0209_zpscdf65fa2.jpg

 photo SAM_0217_zps8b41e46d.jpg

Get my look!

 photo spring2013trend_zpsca316d57.jpg

For my readers' use, I've styled it a bit differently.  Mint is one of the most popular colors for Spring, so I thought that should definitely be more present.  We bring this green shade out of the blazer by adding a necklace and ring of the same persuasion.  I've kept the earrings as similar to mine and also added similar booties.  You could further copy my look by adding a headband or even Emerald nail polish. (Pantone says it's all the rage...)  

Now for the men.  This is Rene - boyfriend and wardrobe extraordinare.  He is here to show you what the guys should be searching their closets for this Spring.  This is a look for the "dapper man".  It's a little bit vintage, and a lot of color.  (Not an uncomfortable amount, I'm sure you'll agree.)  

 photo SAM_0222_zpsd48ea600.jpg

 photo SAM_0220_zps2232ccee.jpg

Get his look!

 photo mensspringtrend13_zps6e551843.jpg

Once again, we have the colored pants.  These are Land's End - one of Rene's favorite places to shop.  I recently popped into the store on State St. in Chicago and they have tons of pairs for the upcoming season.  This is a trend you cannot miss out on!  Many of the pairs are also currently on sale.  In my opinion, this is a win/win.

Unfortunately, the argyle sweater in our set falls short of being as colorful as the one in the pictures.  Fear not!  I feel like this look is even more user friendly because of the toned down purple piece from Target.  I find that some men are too afraid to wear a lot of color.  This sweater seems like a happy medium for both sides.  The shoes are a simple neutral to off-set the colors in the rest of the outfit.  Don't forget the horn-rimmed glasses!  They complete the vintage flavor of the look.

I hope this post inspired you to throw caution to the wind and break out those Spring clothes.  We'll make our own brightness on these icky days!

Until next time!

~ they seek her there

Monday, March 18, 2013

Collab Happy:
Prabal Gurung for Target vs. Duro Olowu for JCP

 photo doamppg_zps9f0d52e9.jpg

Prabal Gurung.  It's a name that you might have been hearing tossed around in the last few weeks in relation to Target stores.  Who is this designer exactly, and why is this event so important for Target?  I'll explain...

Gurung is a relatively new designer to the fashion world.  Debuting his first collection in 2009 at New York Fashion Week, Gurung has quickly rocketed to the top.  Gurung's style is a mix of whimsy, color, and formality.  His designs have been worn by such recognizable names as Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lawrence, and Zoe Saldana.  

Why is this collection so important to Target?  Well, Prabal Gurung for Target was a bigger success than the Neiman Marcus collab back in December.  After that flop, many fashion bloggers were sure that the era of "Fast Fashion" collaborations were over.  Not so fast!  

Prabal Gurung brought life back into the idea, and it also it made me completely forget about Duro Olowu's collection for JCPenney!  

I can recall sitting on the living room couch after a long day at work, trying in vain to catch up on all the fashion blogger news of the day.  (With the long commute I had then - sans internet - this was a process.)  Somewhere in the shuffle, I spotted the announcement of Duro Olowu and JCPenney's pairing.  

A Nigerian born designer based in the U.K., Olowu's prints are nothing short of unique and colorful.  Granted, there is a specific client base that is going to go for such a collaboration, but with JCP's past Betsey Johnson collection Olowu might be in the right place.

Why am I pitting these two collections against each other?  Well, from my perspective, there have been a lot of blogger reviews about Gurung's Target collection, but nowhere near the same number for Olowu.  I think both collections stand out for the Spring '13 season - sporting bright colors and busy prints.  

Prabal Gurung

 photo pgwinners_zps01a661d2.jpg

(Clockwise from top)
"Nolita" skirt // $29.99

I categorize these four pieces as "winners" because of the popularity of these pieces and the fact that they had the biggest draw for me.  The Nolita print skirt was one of the popular selling items in the entire collection.  Surprisingly, my local Chicago Target still has a few left.  I might snag one if they do end up going on sale in the future.  The First Date print dress was the other piece out of the four that I saw reviewed as well-fitting and tasteful.  You could wear this for work or a night out.  It's the perfect transition piece!  The two colorblocked items are of my own choosing.  They're practical pieces with bright colors - perfect to dress up or down for Spring.  I still have my eye on that cardigan for a future purchase...

 photo pglosers_zpsc4f58954.jpg

(From top left)
Lace overlay top // $29.99
Ruffle dress // $39.99

A few of these items are online only, which may have contributed to why consumers were not too happy with their "in person" appearance.  I'm going to start this off with a personal critique.  I was excited to order the white and sulfur colored top because it looks so edgy and feminine at the same time.  I came across an online return for this piece in my local Target while doing some weekend shopping.  It looks nothing in person as it does on the website.  I was sorely disappointed.  First of all, the color is not a yellow/green as you would believe, but much more of a neon  yellow.  Secondly, the lace looks to have very small, soft shapes within it.  This is also incorrect.  The shapes within the lace look like large flowers and are almost gaudy.  

I was similarly disappointed by the red dress.  There were also a few online returns in the Target that I was able to examine. (For the price of $10, nonetheless!)  From a distance, it looked gorgeous.  I'm attending a special opera performance in a few weeks, and wanted this dress for the show.  When I got up closer to examine the state of it, the stitching and placement of the ruffles looked cheap and strangely placed.  

There have been similar critiques about the other two pieces.  That people saw them online, loved them, went to look for them in the store, and they looked cheap.  The ruffles and lace on the other blouses were also awkwardly placed.

Duro Olowu

 photo dowinner2_zpsdbc8a5c5.jpg

(From top left)

These are the pieces out of the collection that scream "Spring" above all others.  Olowu's collection has many mixed prints, some of which I think would be a bit overwhelming for the less fashion savvy among us.  These prints are "fun" but do not sacrifice functionality for fashion forwardness.  

 photo dolosers2_zps8a83f690.jpg

(From top left)

My picks for including two out of three of these pieces should be apparent even to the untrained eye.  I feel like the top two pieces "age" the wearer.  This comment is not to seem discriminatory.  These are just hideous prints that can do no good for anyone!  I adore the last print, but the neckline is what dates this piece for me.  Only when it is paired with a cardigan does it look like a piece appropriate for all ages.  This blouse is not a friend of functionality.

Have you had a chance to check out each of these collections in their full glory?  Do you agree with my reviews of the respected pieces?  Have I missed a piece that you're adoring/love to hate?  Drop me a comment as always...

Until next time!

~ they seek her there

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It's Still Winter...
No Need to Be S.A.D.

Wear a bright outfit even if the snow is piling up outside your windows...

 photo DSC04277_zps0eaa8b30.jpg

My outfit:  Sweater ($10): Gap // Tee (Gift): Old Navy // Skirt ($6): Forever 21 //  Tights ($5): Target
Shoes ($15): Forever 21 // Bracelet Set ($4): Forever 21
Sunglasses ($6): Thrift Store // Necklace: (Heirloom)

Wear the colors! (Left to right):  stockorange-ish thingback to the fuchsia124115Tree Trunk
Find them via my profile @ Colourlovers

Take advantage of the (not really) post-Winter/pre-Spring sales!  Stores are getting shipments of all of their Early Spring 2013 merchandise, so they've got to make way by marking down the old product.  Why not try this crazy ASOS scarf or (super trendy) emerald anorak to tide you over until those first peeks of grass?

 photo coatcollage_zpsd66a3398.jpg

Try some layering tricks like the ol' tights + socks + boots combo!  It really spices up your outfit and gives your look a "pop" even during these icky months.

On left:  SocksBootsTights
On right:  BootsSocksTights

What about the guys?  There are no lack of sales for them, either.  Check out this set complete with a fresh off the sale rack Hooded Mac jacket courtesy of the Gap.

I hope some of these sales brighten up your snowy February!  I'll be traveling to L.A. in the coming days, so updates may be scarce.  Hopefully, I'll be updating from sunny California with more cute outfits!  Check back soon, readers.

Until next time,

~ they seek her there

Friday, February 8, 2013

What the Fashion?

My blogroll seems to be filled with the most unusual of news today - and this is just in the fashion world.  Five stories in particular have piqued my "weird radar".  I'm here to share them with you... 

 photo blogfriday_zps15838c84.jpg

1.  Apparently, OPI is going to be collaborating with SPECIAL K to do a nail polish collection.  All we know so far is that this collection will consist of three shades and be available through the purchasing of Kelloggs cereal.  This certainly puts a whole new spin on the concept of "the prize inside".

2.  Bath and Body Works is the official "Hand Sanitizer Sponsor" of the currently ongoing New York Fashion Week.  Who knew such a position existed?

3.  Remember Nickelodeon and their weird affinity for Slime?  Now there's a German company who is manufacturing tights that look like the wearer has been Slimed

4.  Anyone remember all of the uproar surrounding the Target/Missoni collab last year?  Well...the Prabal Gurung for Target collection isn't boding well for the common shopper, either.  Fashion editors and their guests were invited to shop the new collection on Wednesday night.  Items are already appearing on Ebay at inflated prices.  Good luck fashion gurus!

5.  Finally, from BuzzFeed - 14 Random Things You Can Get For Free At Fashion Week.  It's too bad those makeup vending machines aren't yet a thing for the masses.

Happy Weekend, all!

~ they seek her there